About us

European Plasticisers is a trade association representing chemical companies producing about 80% of the plasticisers manufactured in Europe.

As the voice of the European plasticisers industry, we provide factual and evidence-based information on plasticisers and promote their use and benefits in everyday life. With decades of experience and a focus on science and safety, European Plasticisers provides valuable input to regulatory authorities, non-government organisations and consumer groups and is proactive in contributing and encouraging dialogue between these stakeholders. Our vision is to make plasticisers be recognised and appreciated for their sustainable and innovative contributions to everyday wellbeing in a responsible manner. European Plasticisers is a sector group of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, which represents the interests of the European chemical industry.

European Plasticisers is committed to the sustainable use of plasticisers and is actively involved in VinylPlus, the vinyl industry’s major initiative promoting the sustainability of PVC throughout the value chain.

Visit the Plasticisers Information Centre for detailed information about uses and applications www.plasticisers.org



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