European Plasticisers

We are a trade association representing chemical companies
producing around 85% of the plasticisers manufactured in Europe.

As the voice of the European plasticisers industry, we provide evidence-based information on plasticisers and promote their use and benefits in everyday life. With decades of experience and a focus on science and safety, European Plasticisers provides valuable input to regulatory authorities, non-government organisations and consumer groups and is proactive in contributing and encouraging dialogue between these stakeholders. Our vision is to make plasticisers be recognised and appreciated for their sustainable and innovative contributions to everyday wellbeing in a responsible manner. European Plasticisers is a sector group of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, which represents the interests of the European chemical industry.



DINP – ECHA’s RAC final opinion: no classification warranted

Brussels, 13 June 2018 – ECHA has published the RAC opinion on the assessment of DINP under the CLP regulation stating that, “Overall, RAC concluded that no classification for DINP for either effects on sexual function and fertility, or for developmental toxicity is warranted”, meaning no classification, neither Category 1B nor Category 2. This final opinion explains in detail the media statement... Read more


Public consultation on the future update of Annex XIV entries of 4 LMW phthalates

The European plasticiser market has already adapted to the regulatory and market pressures with an important major shift from the use of these classified LMW phthalates to the use of non-classified HMW phthalates and other plasticisers. Nevertheless, given that the four LMW phthalates are already regulated and Authorisation as well as Restriction procedures are ongoing, we believe that their double... Read more


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European Plasticisers responds

Response to stories about increased levels of phthalates linked to eating out

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European Plasticisers is one of the four founding members of VinylPlus, which has been promoting the sustainable use of PVC throughout the entire value chain since 2000.


Comprehensive and up-to date information about the many plasticisers applications which improve our everyday life in a  safe and sustainable way.


The voice of the European plasticisers industry