European Plasticisers contributed to the update of the Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

The Enzyklopädie der Technischen Chemie, also known as the Ullmann Encyclopedia, is the undisputed reference in industrial chemistry. Generations of chemists have relied on Ullmann’s as their prime reference source since 1914, year of its first publication by Professor Fritz Ullmann in Berlin.


European Plasticisers has recently led a coordinated effort between member and non-member European companies producing plasticisers to update the plasticisers’ chapter of the Ullmann Encyclopedia. The chapter presents the main substances of  the major plasticiser families, and lists their applications and performances. It also gives an overview of their properties and use, not only in PVC but also in other polymers such as polyamides, polyolefins, rubber.


A section on regulatory developments as well as on Human & Environmental Exposure with an overview of the most recent human biomonitoring data are also provided.