International scientists discuss latest research methods on plasticisers

Speyer, 20 September 2018: Over 40 global experts, scientists and industry professionals gathered in Speyer, Germany, to discuss some of the latest development in the world of plasticisers. Under the title “Plasticisers and Science – State of the Art”, representatives from Japan, the United States, and several European countries presented their research and insights.


Indoor air risk assessment, physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling (PBPK), the Chemical Substance Control Law in Japan and the underlying lifestyle-related causes behind endocrine disruption were some of the topics covered during this edition of the European Plasticisers International Scientific Conference. With increasing regulatory scrutiny as the backdrop, the event aimed at providing a platform where scientific views are exchanged, insights shared and data challenged in order to improve and support high quality scientific research on plasticisers and learn from challenges and best practices from all over the world.


“The science meeting is a reminder that extensive research is being undertaken on plasticisers in all four corners of the world. It is vital for our industry to promote and be part of these conversations. Science is at the core of everything we do and we must have access to the latest research to ensure the safe use plasticisers and be able to hold science-based debates with regulatory authorities when deciding on the future of the substances we represent”, said Michela Mastrantonio, manager of European Plasticisers.


As the market, regulatory landscape and scientific research evolve, European Plasticisers aims at repeating this event to encourage an open dialogue among international experts and industry.

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