Science and politics: Plasticisers industry calls for a ‘robust science based -approach’ to regulation at the PVC Formulation Conference

Cologne – At the PVC Formulation Conference in Cologne this week, ECPI sponsored two thematic sessions on plasticisers and flexible PVC, as well as the welcome cocktail. Over 250 people including industry representatives and renowned academics gathered to exchange on the latest R&D updates, innovations and opportunities in the vinyl landscape.


ECPI’s manager presentation focused on the need to ensure that regulations are based on robust weight of evidence. He provided a number of actual examples affecting the plasticisers industry to illustrate how political agendas influence technical decisions, engendering significant – unintended – negative long-term consequences on regulatory predictability, competitiveness and growth.


“We actively support science-based policy-making. As such, ECPI promotes and conducts research which is the basis of all our advocacy and communication activities,” explained Dr Stephane Content.  Two recent and very important pieces of work include an epidemiology study and the development of a Weight of Evidence Methodology. “The plasticisers’ industry future is at stake. Science must become the overarching principle for balanced regulatory decisions” exhorted ECPI’s manager during his presentation.